Services Offered

Local SEO Campaigns

We offer complete package Local SEO campaigns that allow local business to increase their market share and exposure. This comprehensive package fully analyzes the individual needs of the business in order to achieve maximum success.   

Top Hat SEO Strategy

This is a detailed analysis of a great many factors and the modeling of Search Engine Results Pages to develop a detailed Digital Marketing Strategy for your team. This service includes one on one support and consultation where you will be guided through the launch and execution of an SEO Campaign that is second to none. 

SEREC or Search Engine Re-Engineering Cascade is our in house developed technology that accurately models and predicts how top search engines like Google will respond to our SEO campaigns. We can leverage this technology for use in both Local and National SEO Campaigns.  

Comprehensive Sales Funnel Package

Our custom designed funnels allow you to turn your website into a profit engine. Everything from design to implementation and support are included. Includes Lead Magnet design and video production as needed, as well as full integration with your existing website. With hosting options available. 

Reputation Disaster Recovery

Rescue your reputation. Mitigate Public Relations nightmares. We offer specialized services for Reputation Disaster Recovery and Response. We have years of experience with highly sensitive situations. Our comprehensive situational analysis will allow for the development of a strategic and target response to take control of the situation. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation

With our decades of experience, we can offer consultation services to help guide your digital marketing teams and develop strategies for developing and deploying highly profitable Digital Marketing Campaigns.  

Reputation Strategies

Prevent Reputation Disasters.

We can assist in not only helping to recover from Reputation Disasters but also develop strategies to help you manage and maintain your reputation online and beyond. 

Business Consulting & Recovery Audit

Stop hemorrhaging revenue. Discover weak links. Future proof your business. 

We offer comprehensive auditing and business analysis services for business in need of a full review of their operations and strategies. This top-down review analyses the entirety of the enterprise and exposes any weakness or faults holding your company from reaching its full potential. 

Complete Branding Packages

Recognition. Market Penetration. Differentiation. 

In branding and redesign we can leverage our unparalleled market research capabilities to develop a complete Branding Kit. This Branding Kit will cover everything from Logo design, Unique Selling Proposition, Style Guides, and QR Code development.  

SEO Optimized Content Development

With our in-house technology, we can develop expert level content for you that will remain evergreen and will be highly keyword optimized. Attracting both users and search engines to your website. 

Google Human Quality Raiter Audit - E.A.T. Audit

Using the same guidelines adhered to by Google’s Human Quality Raters, we can determine your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness scores. These scores are critical to your sucess in the search engine rankings. Especially to those businesses working in the fields of finance, medicine, and other areas that deal with critical safety information, such as the automotive repair industry.     

Web Gravity Audit

This comprehensive audit of your site’s rankings leverages our SEREC technology to conduct a comprehensive analysis of both on page and off page factors. This will give you a total look at the effectiveness of your overall digital strategy. 

Top Hat Keyword Research

Using technology and methodologies developed in house that have proven to deliver the best possible results. We can develop a targeted and highly effective list of keywords for targeting that will deliver the highest possible Return on Investment for your efforts. Our methods eliminate the guess work involved with keyword research and targeting. 

Rapid Victory Report

Low Hanging Fruit. 

With our Rapid Victory report, we will analyze your website for easy to implement, yet decisive improvements that can be made to your website. With this you will be able to find rapid results and easy victories.  

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